Our favorite gift this year!

by Vicki on December 5, 2012

If you are one of my good friends…stop reading!  Your gift is featured.

This year one of our favorite gifts is our Embossed Graphics “Desk Slab” and “Super Slab”.  Not the prettiest name but an absolutely wonderful gift.  I love gifts that people will use and I have used my tablet everyday.

The Billboard Desk Slab (XM42d) is a 300 sheet tablet that  measures  6 x 6 so it is the perfect size to sit on my desk .  It doesn’t take up much room but  is always there for my last minute thoughts and notes.           

The Crest Desk Slab shown at left (XM42e) is perfect for a family or masculine gift.

The names can be printed in Black, emerald, fuchsia, mocha, navy, purple, red and tropic (ocean blue).



Our absolute favorite however is the SuperSlab. It is 300 sheets and is 7.2″ x 8.5″. It can be ordered with our without lines.  Plenty of room to write all the groceries, our endless to-do lists, our brilliant ideas and the little ones drawings! 

 There are several different fonts: L33 is the lovely script; L30 the block style good for men; L35 for a whimsical look and L34  is an easily readable font that would even work for our yougest doodles.  There are also family schedules, weekly lists and many tablet sets available for personalizing.

There is still time, so make your list, come in or go to our “shop” and order.  You will be able to preview your selection to make sure you like the color and the font and have it delivered directly to you or your friends.

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